Did you ever wonder if you can get bed bugs on the MTR?

So many times people ask where did they got the bed bugs from and we always explain that unfortunately, Hong Kong has a very high density population hence, it is very easy to get them from anywhere; hotels, a friend’s house, or  even while travelling on the MTR…. (as shown on the following photos) Do […]

Bedbugs Do’s and Don’ts

Have you ever wonder what to do in case you find out you have bedbugs? Before you do anything, read these “Dos” and “Don’ts”. There are many things that seem logical, but will actually make things worse: Don’t use a bed bug bomb or fogger! Even if it is labeled for bedbugs – is the worst thing […]


Cimex Lectularius, also known as bed bugs, are a common plague around the world. Whether in Hong Kong or globally, bed bugs are spreading fast. The most common types of bed bugs in Hong Kong areCimex Lectarius and Cimex hemipterus. Bed bugs are high in some public places, such as hotels or cinemas, but they […]

Potential location for Bed bugs

Did you know bed bugs can hide behind baseboards and in cracks, crevices, and folded areas of beds, bedding and adjacent furniture, especially mattresses and box springs? Not only that, an adult female can lay an average of 5 eggs per day, and more than 200 to 500 eggs in a lifetime. The adult bed […]

Don’t let the bed bugs bite….

Don’t let the bed bugs bite… 床蝨(又名臭蟲或木蝨) 咁點算 ? 自己買殺蟲水、滅蝨彈就搞得掂 ?唔係嚇你,如果咁樣處理好有可能會令情況惡化! 【記著 !】 佢地繁殖速度快生命力頑強,以人體血液為食糧,一般家用殺蟲水及滅蝨彈未能有效徹底殺滅,反而會令佢地繼續漫延開去,擴大受影響範圍。 Don’t let the bedbugs bites.Make a free inspection & Quotation Now. #Nobedbugshk #Bedbugs #床蝨 #木蚤 #床蚤 #臭蝨 #滅蟲 #木蝨 #蚤 #熱能處理 #解決床蝨問 題 #Dontletthebedbugsbites#Bedbugsfree#滅蟲服務 ☎Whatsapp & Phone number :93582901Website :www.nobedbugs-hk.com

Customer Highly Recommend

https://www.beautyexchange.com.hk/blog/221301 Customer Highly Recommend HEAT TREATMENT SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM IN ONE SINGLE DAY The fastest way to eliminate the bed bugs in your home. The bed bugs die at 48.9 C, with our state of the art equipment we set your home to 60c and keep it for 3 hours to ensure 100{747027096d8bc50585c113267968dc30ffd9749a7fcae93e7a27cb0a2965cabe} death rate. […]