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Cimex Lectularius, also known as bed bugs, are a common plague around the world. Whether in Hong Kong or globally, bed bugs are spreading fast. The most common types of bed bugs in Hong Kong areCimex Lectarius and Cimex hemipterus. Bed bugs are high in some public places, such as hotels or cinemas, but they may also be found in your home. This is because bed bugs are very easily carried to your home through luggage, clothes, backpacks, etc.,  and by carrying just one single bed bug to your home it can rapidly turn into a huge infestation.

Bed bugs are easy to spread but difficult to kill, which tends to result in a dramatic increase in numbers. Therefore, whenever bed bugs are found, they must be treated immediately.

Bed bugs are introduced into the house from furniture or personal items and they normally stay in the mattress area, however, if you do not take effective measures in time, bed bugs can easily spread to other areas of the room and even to other places in the house. Therefore, prevention and speed is a key issue to eradicate an infestation of bed bugs

Skin that has been bitten by bed bugs will show signs of redness and itching, and repetitive biting by bed bugs may cause sleep problems and mental distress.

The key to solving the problem is to strengthen the attention to the clues; itchiness, a rush on your body, blood on the sheets, a strong and unpleasant musty odor are some of the signs that can help you to identify an infestation of bed bugs.

Therefore, if you believe you have those signs, do not hesitate to contact a specialist to solve the problem. We are here to help you!!!

Don’t let the bedbugs bites and call us immediately!!! 
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