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Nobedbugs-HK is a pioneering pest control company in Hong Kong that offers powerful, innovative and least-toxic solutions to exterminate pests, especially bed bugs and cockroaches, in both residential and commercial situations.

For over a decade, we have successfully protected 5,000+ homes and businesses from pests. Our outstanding quality has been widely recognized and made us one of the top service providers in town nowadays. 

Nobedbugs-HK will not stand still. We shall go on exchanging knowledge with global experts and researching the latest technology so as to provide the best possible service to you, anytime, anywhere.


BETTER RESULTS – We offer comprehensive pest control solutions that have 99% ultra success rate and super sustainable effects like “once and for all” using our exclusive technology and materials. That’s why we are always one step ahead of other companies.

MORE PROTECTION – Our services carry up to 1 year of warranty that is extremely rare even in the global market. You can rest freely with pests out of sight all year-round, and if they come back by any chance, we’ve got you covered. Guaranteed.

FASTER SERVICE We always try our best to reply to your request immediately and arrange services within 48 hours by having a 24/7 top-notch customer service. To us, “going the extra mile for customers” is more than an empty slogan because your satisfaction is always our motivation.

MORE CONFIDENCE – As a member of the HK Pest Management Association, Nobedbugs-HK provides WHO/NYSDEC certified services that fully comply with international standards, while our professional technicians received training at recognized institutions including Universities in Spain, Chile and Canada.

Our Services


BED BUGS – As its name suggests, Nobedbugs-HK has dedicated itself to exterminating bed bugs in Hong Kong since its very founding because we believe it’s better to do one thing well than ten things poorly. We pride ourselves on being the Real Experts.

COCKROACHES – Removing cockroaches is another strength of ours: by adopting a unique 4-tier approach, we keep our customers’ homes and business premises free of cockroaches effectively for long. 

OTHER PESTS – Termites, mosquitoes, ants, fleas…If there are any unwelcome guests you don’t want to share your place with, call us immediately and we will custom make a plan to take care of them.

DISINFECTION – We provide hospital grade disinfection services certified by WHO and ICTE that effectively destroy viruses (including coronavirus).


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