Unveiling the Visual Signs of Bedbugs and How NoBedBugs-HK Can Eradicate Them

Visual Signs of BedBugs

Introduction: Bedbugs; bloodsucking pests that infiltrate our homes and spread disease. Bedbugs have become an increasing source of concern among many people. Not only can bedbugs cause itchy bites but can also disturb our sleep and impair our overall well being. Detecting an infestation early is key to stopping further spread. In this blog post […]

Bed Bug Infestations are on the Rise in Hong Kong: Find Out Why

Introduction: Bed bug infestations are on the rise in Hong Kong. They have become an increasing source of frustration for both residents and businesses in Hong Kong. Thus, it leads to great discomfort for all parties involved. In this blog post, we will explore the causes for their increased presence as well as effective solutions […]

Reclaim and Take Back Control of Your Home

Detailed close-up of bed bugs and their eggs on a mattress.

Introduction: Bed bugs are silent invaders who can disturb your sleep. In addition, they can make your home a source for discomfort. The tiny bloodsucking insects have been a problem for centuries. Moreover, their resilience makes them an incredibly formidable enemy. This blog will explore the world of bedbugs, their behavior and signs of infestation. […]

Don’t wait until is too late!! Call us today!!

Please do not wait until the situation is out of control to call an expert to eradicate the infestation of bed bugs at your home. The more you wait, the worst the situation will be. Look at below photos of some of the most extreme cases we have encountered during our years of experience….   […]

We appear on the media….

We could not be more proud that our Head Technician has been interviewed by Hong Kong Free Press to talk about bed bugs in Hong Kong. If you want to know a little bit more about us and about what we do, you can see the full interview/report on below link; Tales from Hong Kong’s […]

Did you ever wonder if you can get bed bugs on the MTR?

So many times people ask where did they got the bed bugs from and we always explain that unfortunately, Hong Kong has a very high density population hence, it is very easy to get them from anywhere; hotels, a friend’s house, or  even while travelling on the MTR…. (as shown on the following photos) Do […]

Bedbugs Do’s and Don’ts

Have you ever wonder what to do in case you find out you have bedbugs? Before you do anything, read these “Dos” and “Don’ts”. There are many things that seem logical, but will actually make things worse: Don’t use a bed bug bomb or fogger! Even if it is labeled for bedbugs – is the worst thing […]


Cimex Lectularius, also known as bed bugs, are a common plague around the world. Whether in Hong Kong or globally, bed bugs are spreading fast. The most common types of bed bugs in Hong Kong areCimex Lectarius and Cimex hemipterus. Bed bugs are high in some public places, such as hotels or cinemas, but they […]