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Bedbugs Do’s and Don’ts

Have you ever wonder what to do in case you find out you have bedbugs? Before you do anything, read these “Dos” and “Don’ts”. There are many things that seem logical, but will actually make things worse:

Don’t use a bed bug bomb or fogger!

Even if it is labeled for bedbugs – is the worst thing you can do; it will spread the infestation wider and deeper.

Don’t sleep in another room to avoid bed bug bites.

It will also spread the infestation as the bedbugs will follow you.

Don’t “escape” to a friend or relative’s house.

Bedbugs are great hitchhikers so if you do not want to spread the infestation to somebody else’s house, don’t do it. 

Don’t throw out the bed

That is never the solution,in fact hauling that bed bug infested mattress to the curb is likely do much more harm than good.  You can spread the infestation throughout the house. Instead take steps to control the bed bug population that has made itself home there.

Don’t “Do It Yourself” unless you truly have no choice.

Simply do it yourself if you are extremely tight on budget. Always better to seek a professional help.

Don’t try to do Heat Treatment yourself

These types of treatments require specialized equipment which needs to be operated by licensed professionals.

Do de-clutter your home as much as possible.

The less things at home they easier will be to spot them.

Do make an educated bedbug battle plan.

Understand what your treatment options are and put together a plan to win the war against bedbugs.

Do seek the help of a licensed exterminator.

Always the best option to exterminate bed bugs.


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