如何殺死床蝨、木蝨 How to find a way to kill Bedbugs?



雖然難以捉摸,你可能會發現活著的床蝨四處移動。他們的橢圓形,銹紅色的身體達到約1/5英寸的長度。許多人對他們的叮咬產生了局部反應 – 包括發紅和腫脹 – 這看起來與蚊子和跳蚤叮咬相似。




Find out ways to quickly get rid of bed bugs in you home, in mattresses and permanently.Having bedbugs in your home puts you in a very embarrassing situation. When you lack the required knowledge, patience and perseverance, you unsuccessfully get rid of bed bugs time and again because they keep on coming back. Chances are that you fear the health effects of these bugs but you may have to deal with more negative social effects such as embarrassments if you do not take the problem seriously and seek out effective bed bug control.

Bed bugs are tiny little blood sucking insects that creep round in beddings and mattresses. They are the most disturbing little parasites, like many other things such as dust mites, you can have in your house. Due to their flattened bodies, they can easily squeeze to the smallest of the places. Bed bugs are easily transported via clothing, bedding, luggage and furniture. They are very active at night. They crawl out of their hiding places to get a blood meal at night because they are attracted by our body warmth and the carbon dioxide we exhale at night.

Bed bugs are very tiny making it hard to spot them. However, there are some signs that hint towards bed bug infection. Rust colored spots or blood smears on the bed sheets are some of the signs of bed bug infection. Even though bed bugs are not transmitters of any diseases, their bite is enough to cause itchy skin. Some people can develop a mild allergic reaction to bed bugs bites. Happily, no matter how infected you find yourself in, you can get rid of bed bugs in Nobedbugs-HK Company,

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