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  • Serving thousands of customers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a very highly populated city. As a result, we have to constantly remain vigilant against the spread of common pests such as cockroaches.

Many of you control household pests through a combination of preventive measures. Proper sanitation and good home maintenance practices is the key to success.

That said, there are always infestations that are so extensive that are basically impossible to control. It’s simply too difficult without the services of a quality pest control company.

Have you heard about the “House of Horrors” in Tai Po?. The cockroach infestation was actually so prolific in an apartment unit at Heng Lung House, the biggest infestation ever seen. Even the upper and lower floors of the Fu Heng Estate were affected!

Each time the unit was cleaned, a terrifying number of cockroaches scattered throughout the corridor and climbed into neighboring units. 

Nobedbugs-HK was brought in to get rid of the unwanted cockroaches and to prevent unwanted pest presence in the future.

It was a difficult job but we are Relentless, Fast & Effective in our approach. 

How did we do it? 

Nobedbugs-HK uses a highly effective proprietary 4-step method: 

  • Special Gel Bait Recipe: Safe for humans but absolutely lethal to cockroaches, we apply this tactically in key locations for maximum impact
  • Future Prevention Techniques: our specialized Pheromone Disruptor Fumes are innocuous to humans but prevent the reproduction of cockroaches
  • Exclusive Silica Dust Application: Apply throughout the property and offers a 100% kill rate guarantee. Exclusive to us. We mean business when it comes to killing pests! 
  • Insecticide Spray: Our pest control experts apply the insecticide spray to target specific areas cockroaches love to hide in

Worried About Your House?

Household pests can be much more than a nuisance. They can actually become a threat to your property and potentially your health. Find out how our pest control company, Nobedbugs-HK can help solve your bugs problems now and in the future.

Who Are We?

Nobedbugs-HK has more than 10 years of experience in the pest control industry. Thousands of services to residential and commercial customers throughout Hong Kong. We offer fast service and most importantly, we offer guarantee.

Our international team of experts are always ready to help rid your household or office of any pest. We offer services for cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, silverfish and ants, among others. 

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