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we aim to give our clients the most efficient treatment the fastest way and without husstles

Heat treatment

One single day with 1 year guarantee. The fastest way to eliminate the bed bugs in your home. the bed bugs die at 48.9 c, with our state of the art equipment we set your home to 60c and keep it for 3 hours to ensure 100% death rate. this process is completely safe to humans

insecticide dust application

With 1 year guarantee, the insecticide treatment takes an average time to full  eradication around 2 weeks. The process is safe to humans and pets. This treatment doesn’t need any inspection, you just call  and book the service for your preferred time.

OTHER BUGS pest control

With our chemicals free, safe to humans, revolutionary methods, we can make your home free of the most common pests, including cockroaches, ants and silverfish, with up to 1 year guarantee. Try it and forgot the bugs!

heat treatment

During the heat treatment pets and any heat sensitive items that may melt or be damaged at temperatures up to 150°F degrees should be removed from the area being treated. Make sure you discuss this with your PMP as anything not treated with heat will need to be treated in another way.

Heat treatments do not offer any residual effects and your home could quickly become reinfested after a heat treatment if prevention steps are not taken. 

What Our Costumers say

It's the only place that can get rid of bedbugs completely, in the shortest time with the least trouble. Service and follow up also excellent.

Derek W

We discovered we had bed bugs. (We think we may have picked them up while traveling.) What a humbling experience. The crew from "No Bedbugs" took care of the problem for us in one treatment and returned 5 days later to inspect the flat. They used the heat treatment in 2 bedrooms and amorphous silica gel dust throughout the entire flat. It's been 10 days and we haven't seen another bedbug. I would highly recommend this company!

Kim W

After getting other companies to eliminate the bed bugs from my home, the problem never seemed to be solved. Finally I contacted the guys from No bed bugs HK, and in one day they solved the problem... Now I can sleep!!!


I contacted them and the day after they inspected my home, and we can tell that they really know about bed bugs. We decided to do a heat treatment. they did it a couple of days later and left the insecticide applied included in the price. We have never suffer from bed bugs again... I really recommend this guys for killing the bed bugs at your home.

Lilian H.


24 hour fast service

Book without inspection!!!

Up to one year guarantee

Forget your problems with bed bugs

Just call us and that´s all

We take care of everything

Safe to humans and pets

It doesn't affect your health

Book the service for the preferred time

We adapt to your schedule

Two weeks for full eradication

Easy, fast and the best way to kill them all!


Single Application (no guarantee) = 1,500 HKD

45 day guarantee = 3,000 HKD

150 day gaurantee = 5,000 HKD

360 day guarantee = PRICE UPON INSPECTION

(This prices are only for bed bug's eradication)

See how the treatments work


Technician will go to your home to assess the level of infestation and suggest the best treatment for your particular case (except for direct service) .

As an average; heat treatment will completely eradicate the bed bugs in one week and the dust application will take around 2-3 weeks.




After the treatment is performed, the technician will make as many follow ups as needed until your home can be certified as bed bugs free. Client will have up to one year (depending on the treatment chosen) to claim their guarantee if they think their home has been infested again with bed bugs. We will be more than happy to go back to your home to re-inspect and take the necessary actions.

Other bugs Pest Control

from 2,000 HKD



  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish