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"Rodent Control Services in Hong Kong"

What do rodents look like?

Rodents are warm-blooded mammals, with over 2,050 species. They vary in body shape, but share the same characteristic: upper and lower pairs of ever-growing rootless incisor teeth. Rodents will chew on a variety of items, causing damage to your property.

While only a few species of rodents are serious vectors of disease, house rats and mice are the most common rodents associated with people.


Revolutionizing Rodent Control with Cutting-Edge Technology

At Nobedbugs-HK, we are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Evolve Soft Bait and ContraPest in Hong Kong, two revolutionary products designed to significantly reduce fertility in rodents. Evolve Soft Bait and ContraPest represent the latest advancement in the ongoing battle against rat infestations, providing a humane and highly effective solutions to a pervasive problem.

As the exclusive distributor of  Evolve Soft Bait  and ContraPest in Hong Kong, Nobedbugs-HK is dedicated to bringing this innovative technology to our local market. We believe that Evolve Soft Bait and ContraPest will not only help manage rodent populations more effectively but also contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone.

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Unlike traditional rodenticides that simply aim to kill rodents, Evolve Soft Bait works by reducing the fertility of the rodent population. This innovative approach helps to control and gradually diminish rodent numbers over time, addressing the root cause of infestations rather than just the symptoms.


By focusing on fertility control, Evolve Soft Bait minimizes the need for harmful poisons, making it a more humane and environmentally friendly option. This helps protect non-target species and reduces the impact on the surrounding ecosystem.


Designed for ease of use, Evolve Soft Bait can be seamlessly integrated into existing rodent control programs. Its palatable formulation ensures high acceptance by rodents, making it an efficient tool for pest control professionals.


Evolve Soft Bait has already demonstrated remarkable success in various cities across the USA. Municipalities have reported significant reductions in rodent populations, leading to cleaner, safer urban environments. The positive results from these trials underline the potential benefits of adopting this technology in Hong Kong.

success stories from the usa:

Several cities in the USA have already adopted Evolve Soft Bait with outstanding results. For instance:

  • New York City: In pilot programs, Evolve Soft Bait has helped reduce rat populations in targeted areas, contributing to cleaner streets and a more pleasant urban environment.
  • Chicago: The implementation of Evolve Soft Bait in key areas has resulted in a noticeable decline in rodent activity, showcasing the product’s effectiveness in densely populated urban settings.
Efficacy Chart

These success stories highlight the potential for Evolve Soft Bait to make a significant impact in Hong Kong, providing a sustainable solution to the city’s rodent challenges.

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"Rodent Control Services in Hong Kong"
Biofuture Rodent Trap

Rodent Trap Devices

Protect your business from rat infestations with Nobedbugs-HK’s Pest Control Services featuring the Ekomille and the Biofuture Rodent Trapper machines. Our pest control company is a pioneer in the use of this cutting-edge technology to eliminate rodents.

Our skilled technicians are experts in using the Ekomille and the Biofuture Rodent Trapper machine, and we have even developed our own bait liquid to increase its effectiveness.

The Ekomille and the Biofuture Rodent Trapper is particularly well-suited for businesses. It’s non-toxic, eco-friendly, odor-free, and incredibly effective compared to other solutions.

Advantages of Using the Ekomille and Biofuture Rodent Trapper Machines

Environmentally Friendly

These ecologically safe systems use natural food proven to attract rats and mice.

100% Contained Pest Control

The pest control operator can count how many pests are eliminated, and the carcasses are safely contained.

Safe for Use Anywhere

No poisons or substances harmful or dangerous to children and pets. 100% Safe for use in hospitals, schools, restaurants or agri-businesses.

Protect your business and the environment with Nobedbugs-HK's Pest Control Services using the Ekomille and the Biofuture Rodent Trapper machines.
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How Do I Get Rid of Rodents?

If you suspect a rat infestation in your home or business, it’s important to contact a professional pest control company immediately. Quick action is key to remove the rodents from your space early on. At Nobedbugs-HK, we design a unique rat treatment program tailored to your specific needs for the rodent control services in Hong Kong.

To provide the best pest control service, Nobedbugs-HK technicians start with a comprehensive inspection to locate the pest problem. Based on the findings, they prepare a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Our treatment plans may include;

"Rodent Control Services in Hong Kong"


"Rodent Control Services in Hong Kong"

Glue boards

"Rodent Control Services in Hong Kong"

Poison installation on your walls

"Rodent Control Services in Hong Kong"

Sealing potential entryways

"Rodent Control Services in Hong Kong"

educating you on long-term prevention.

Delaying professional rodent removal could worsen the situation. Don’t wait – contact us today for a free consultation and take the first step in keeping rodents out of your space for good.

At Nobedbugs-HK, we understand that every home is different, and so are the challenges that come with getting rid of rodents. That's why we tailor our rodent control treatments to meet the unique needs of each customer.


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