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Media Coverage – February 11, 2022

NoBedBugsHK  has been awarded the “ Readers’ Choice Awards 2022” by  

Bronze winner


NEWS; December 13th, 2021

Nobedbugs-HK Team is interviewed by HK01 to get an in-depth insight on our day to day job, our difficulties and our most challenging jobs.

  1. HK01 – Interview Part 1
  2. HK01 – Interview Part 2

TV Coverage; December 11th, 2021

Nobedbugs-HK Expert in cockroaches are interviewed by Channel C HK to give the latest update on the “House of Horrors” case.

  1. Channel C HK

TV COVERAGE; December 6th, 2021:

Nobedbugs-HK experts solved a horrific cockroach infestation in Hen Lung House, Tai Po area. Case known as the “House of Horrors”

  1. TVB Show. Part 1
  2. TVB Show. Part 2
  3. TVB Show. Part 3

NEWS; December 2nd, 2021:

Nobedbugs-HK expert in cockroaches, Francisco Pazos, is interviewed by Sky Post Newspaper to give insight on the “House of Horrors” and advice on  how to fight and prevent cockroaches at home.

  1. Sky Post. Ulistestyle

NEWS; November 24, 2021:

Nobedbugs-HK appears in several media for treating one of the most difficult cockroach cases in Hong Kong;

  1. HK01
  2. Mr.Ho (District Counsellor)
  3. On.CC
  4. Dimsumdaily
  5. Skypost.Ulifestyle
  6. HK News Yahoo
  7. Topick
  8. Singtao
  9. 頭條日報
  10. D18 Tai Po
  11. Skypost.Ulifestyle – 2nd article