Disinfection Services




Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaner based on Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide technology to deliver fast, effective disinfection.


virex ii 256

A Quaternary based disinfectant cleaner providing broad spectrum disinfection. EPA Registered. Hospital Grade Product


quantum antibacterial SOLUTION

Singapore Government NEA recognize brand. Kill 99% of Covid19 and various bacteria and viruses. Long lasting solution (up to 90 days). 5 major certifications of SGS human safety. Safe & Non-toxic. Suitable for pregnant women and baby


NST Nano Coating

NST Nano Pure Silver Titanium; Long lasting antibacterial and antiviral solution (up to 2 years). Certified FDA Medical First-Class Environmental Disinfectant. SGS Certified. Effective against H1N1 Coronavirus and E-coli. Safe & Non-toxic.

benefits of using our services


Nobedbugs-HK delivers fast response and adheres to strict guidelines and procedures from the WHO, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our qualified technicians always wear approved Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) while performing the treatment and products used are safe and leave no harmful residue. Our services are tailored to your needs and can include;

  • ULV fogging – By using this method, we will generate a disinfectant fine mist to cover all surfaces even the most inaccessible areas.  
  • Quantum Antibacterial Solution – Tested to kill 99% of virus. Long lasting solution that last up to 90 days. Works on hard and soft surfaces. Remove Odors.
  • NST Nano Coating – the ultimate high-touch surface solution that reduces the need for constant sanitation. It destroys 99.99% viruses when tested against corona viruses.Specially designed to take extra care for High-touch surfaces such as door and window handles, lift buttons, toilets and taps, steering wheels, counter tops, touchscreen personal devices, personal computer keyboards, and work surfaces. Long lasting effect, up to 2 years.

We cater to all types of premises from households to commercial businesses; hospitals, banks, restaurant chains, schools, construction sites, etc. No job is too small or too big for us. Contact us for more information.